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Expand your dance repertoire with the IDTA Freestyle Dance Level 4 Diploma qualification.

This expressive and limitless dance style is the fastest-growing and most popular form of dance in the UK, and is becoming more popular around the world – and this IDTA course has international recognition.

A teaching qualification in Freestyle is incredibly versatile, and will enable you to tap into one of the fastest growing dance markets in the UK today. As an IDTA Freestyle Dance teacher, you can run classes for all levels of dancers from novice to advanced, as well as entering your teams into regional, national and international competitions.

There are no limits on experience, age or ability, so your classes can be full and your dance school can grow and grow.



The theory and practical side of your coursework will be constantly monitored and elvaluated to ensure that you are maintaining the correct standards required by IDTA, for each grade of this course UDC will determine whether you need extra tuition and guidance. If after receiving additional help you are still not meeting the requirements set by IDTA for the L4 Ballet Course, and are falling behind significantly due to incomplete work, UDC reserve the right to decide if it deemed fit to remove you from the course or not enter you for the said exams. At this stage no refund will be offered.


What does the course include?

The training sessions for the course are run over an intensive weekend or weekday from 9.30am – 4.00 pm, during which we cover all syllabus work for the initial training.

You will need to complete the Unit One paperwork set by IDTA. This is done at home and must be submitted to IDTA before you take your Unit Two exam. Your Unit Two exam consists of learning the syllabus work and theory, the final part of your exam is Unit 3 this is where you take 2-4 students into the exam studio and conduct a creative class using your own knowledge and music.
If you haven’t taken an Anatomy and Physiology exam then you would need to sit the 30-minute multiple choice paper.

Candidates will then have 7 weeks of home study to work on their course work and develop their skills before their final exam during the final weeks of the course.

Ongoing guidance and tutor support will be available via Skype and email to all students during the 7 weeks of home study, and there will be a revision day at the training centre during the week before the exam. The examination is carried out by an external IDTA examiner.

Syllabus Topics

  • An Introduction to the Freestyle syllabus
  • Develop and understand teaching techniques and corrections
  • Basic Anatomy and Physiology
  • Learn set sequences
  • Choreography ideas
  • How to structure a routine including warmup and cool down
  • Correct music choices and cutting
  • How to build a healthy successful business
  • Insurance, DBS checks, Child protection policies
  • Start of choreography with guidance

How do I qualify for the course?

You will need to be aged over 18 and have a passion for dance, of course!

Candidates would benefit from having previous experience in Freestyle/Streetdance, however this is not essential if they have training in other disciplines.

Candidates aged 16 & 17 can complete a pre-associate exam, and at age 18 and over you can take the full IDTA Associate exam.

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